Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who uses after effects templates

After Effects templates, or AE templates, are an excellent way for individuals to obtain professional style visual effects without a very high price tag. The variety of templates available for After Effects users is growing every day with free templates available as well.

It is unfortunate that more people do not know about the versatility of a program like After Effects. The program allows users to create interesting visual effects very easily at a very modest price point. These visual effects and motion graphics can be used in almost any format, from web to feature films and everything in between. Motion graphics are another very popular type of graphic created inside After Effects. The biggest challenge with a program like After Effects though is the learning curve. It’s not a program you can learn overnight.

To get ahead of the curve, many users are taking advantage of a new market created just for After Effects Artists. This new market is After Effects templates. By using templates, you are bypassing much of the knowledge and experience required to create custom motion graphics. No longer will you have to struggle with creating a graphic treatment from scratch for your next project.

Templates are popular for beginners and professionals. Not only do they allow you to step right into a project with much of the content made already, but they also allow you to save time and money. Instead of spending 5 days on a project, you can spend 20 minutes looking for a template, and another 30 minutes customizing the template for your project. Less than an hour is much better on your timeframe and budget versus almost one week.
Because this is a new market, there are literally thousands of templates available for use in After Effects. From show openers to slideshows, even custom logo treatments, there are templates for almost any user.

Prices for After Effects Templates can vary depending on production value. Most templates are less than $50 with only the premium templates approaching $100. There are even sites that offer After Effects Templates for free.
If you are looking for a way to bring a new and different style to your next production, take a look at After Effects Templates online. Don’t let the prices scare you away, if you want to try out a template without spending any money, then download some free After Effects Templates and start experimenting today.